Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders

The Human Rights of Non-Citizens at Home and Abroad

Libal, Kathryn Rae; Land, Molly Katrina; Chambers, Jillian Robin

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction: The Human Rights of Non-Citizens; Part I. The Failure of Rights Molly K. Land, Kathryn Libal and Jillian Chambers: 2. The Unmaking of Citizens: Shifting Borders of Belonging Kristy A. Belton and Jamie Chai Yun Liew; 3. Zero Humanity: The Reality of Current US Immigration Policy Toward Central American Refugee Children and Their Families Jacqueline Bhabha; 4. Australia's Extraterritorial Border Control Policies Azadeh Dastyari and Asher Hirsch; 5. Protection Through Revisionism? UNHCR, Statistical Reporting, and the Representation of Stateless People Brad K. Blitz; 6. Reflections on Anti-Immigration Narratives and the Establishment of Global Apartheid Yajaira Ceciliano-Navarro, Tanya Golash-Boza and Luis Ruben Gonzalez; Part II. Belonging Across Borders: 7. Imagining New Forms of Belonging: The Futurity of the Stateless Eleni Coundouriotis; 8. 'Either I Close My Eyes or I Don't': The Evolution of Rights in Encounters Between Sovereign Power and 'Rightless' Migrants Daniel Kanstroom; 9. Do Non-Citizens Have a Right to Have Economic Rights? Locke, Smith, Hayek, and Arendt on Economic Rights Serena Parekh; 10. Human Rights Are Not Enough: Understanding Noncitizenship and Noncitizens in Their Own Right Tendayi Bloom; 11. Uncertainty and Educational Mismatch: Schooling and Life Pursuits in Contexts of Illegalization Susan Bibler Coutin; 12. Constructing Human Rights: State Power and Migrant Silence Jaya Ramji-Nogales.
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