Berry Phases in Electronic Structure Theory

Berry Phases in Electronic Structure Theory

Electric Polarization, Orbital Magnetization and Topological Insulators

Vanderbilt, David (Rutgers University, New Jersey)

Cambridge University Press






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A pedagogical introduction to a set of mathematical ideas associated with Berry phases that have revolutionized understanding of key aspects of the behavior of electrons in solids. Including practical examples and exercises throughout to test understanding, this book covers electric polarization, orbital magnetization and topological insulators.
Preface; Acronyms; Introduction; 1. Invariance and quantization of charges and currents; 2. Review of electronic structure theory; 3. Berry phases and curvatures; 4. Electric polarization; 5. Topological insulators and semimetals; 6. Orbital magnetization and axion magnetoelectric coupling; Appendix A. Fourier transform conventions; Appendix B. Optimal alignment and the singular value decomposition; Appendix C. Gauge transformation of the Chern-Simons axion coupling; Appendix D. The PythTB package; References; Index.
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