Berry Phases in Electronic Structure Theory

Berry Phases in Electronic Structure Theory

Electric Polarization, Orbital Magnetization and Topological Insulators

Vanderbilt, David (Rutgers University, New Jersey)

Cambridge University Press






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An introduction to the role of Berry phases in our modern understanding of the physics of electrons in solids.
Preface; Acronyms; Introduction; 1. Invariance and quantization of charges and currents; 2. Review of electronic structure theory; 3. Berry phases and curvatures; 4. Electric polarization; 5. Topological insulators and semimetals; 6. Orbital magnetization and axion magnetoelectric coupling; Appendix A. Fourier transform conventions; Appendix B. Optimal alignment and the singular value decomposition; Appendix C. Gauge transformation of the Chern-Simons axion coupling; Appendix D. The PythTB package; References; Index.
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