Bel-vedere or the Garden of the Muses

Bel-vedere or the Garden of the Muses

An Early Modern Printed Commonplace Book


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; 1. Early modern commonplacing; 2. The Bodenham miscellanies; 3. The structure of Bel-vedere; 4. Identifying Bel-vedere's sources: from Thomas Park to Charles Crawford; 5. Identifying Bel-vedere's sources: the present edition; 6. The contents of Bel-vedere; 7. Textual introduction; A note on the text; A note on the annotation; List of authors and editions quoted in the annotation; Bel-vedere or The Garden of the Muses; Glossary notes; Textual notes; Appendix 1. Index of authors and texts quoted or adapted in Bel-vedere; Appendix 2. The paratext of the first edition of Bel-vedere (1600); Appendix 3. Origins of the source identifications of the passages in Bel-vedere; Appendix 4. Bel-vedere and England's Parnassus (1600); Index.