Behind-the-Border Policies

Behind-the-Border Policies

Assessing and Addressing Non-Tariff Measures


Cambridge University Press






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1. Moving beyond the border: introduction and overview Joseph Francois and Bernard Hoekman; Part I. Concepts and Measurement: 2. NTMs: data concepts and sources Marie Luise Rau and Achim Vogt; 3. Regulatory bindings, policy uncertainty, and market access in services Peter Egger, Joseph Francois, Bernard Hoekman and Miriam Manchin; Part II. Assessing and Benchmarking Policy: 4. NTMs in the presence of global value chains and their impact on productivity Mahdi Ghodsi and Robert Stehrer; 5. Non-tariff measure estimations in different impact assessments Eddy Bekkers and Hugo Rojas-Romagosa; 6. Gauging procurement policy change during the crisis-era: evidence from the global trade alert Simon J. Evenett and Anirudh Shingal; 7. Preferences, income distribution, and the burden of NTMs Igor Bagayev and Ronald B. Davies; Part III. Dealing With NTMs: Legal and Institutional Contexts: 8. NTM reforms: a practitioner's perspective Fabio Artuso; 9. Good regulatory practices and international trade Robert Basedow; 10. Rules of origin as non-tariff measures: towards greater regulatory convergence Bernard Hoekman and Stefano Inama; 11. Behind-the-border measures and the new generation of trade agreements: TBT and SPS compared Manfred Elsig and Sebastian Klotz; 12. Non-tariff responses to China's development strategy: the WTO's interface challenge Chad Bown; 13. A time for action: the WTO must change to promote regulatory cooperation Thomas J. Bollyky and Petros C. Mavroidis.
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