Beauty and Sublimity

Beauty and Sublimity

A Cognitive Aesthetics of Literature and the Arts

Hogan, Patrick Colm (University of Connecticut)

Cambridge University Press






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Recent decades have witnessed an explosion in neuroscientific and related research treating aesthetic response. This book integrates this research with the insights of philosophical aesthetics to propose new answers to longstanding questions about beauty and sublimity. To treat these issues, Hogan considers works by Woolf, Wharton, and Matisse, among others.
Introduction. Why beauty?; 1. Literary aesthetics: beauty, the brain, and Mrs Dalloway; 2. The idiosyncrasy of beauty: aesthetic universals and the diversity of taste; 3. Unspoken beauty: problems and possibilities of absence; 4. Aesthetic response revisited: quandaries about beauty and sublimity; 5. My Othello problem: prestige status, evaluation, and aesthetic response; 6. What is aesthetic argument?; 7. Art and beauty; Afterword. A brief recapitulation, with a coda on anti-aesthetic art.
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