Autoimmune Encephalitis and Related Disorders of the Nervous System

Autoimmune Encephalitis and Related Disorders of the Nervous System


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Section 1. Overview: 1. Importance, definitions, history and classification of the autoimmune encephalitides; 2. General approach to diagnosis; 3. Pathogenesis and disease mechanisms in neuronal antibody-mediated encephalitis; Section 2. Autoantibodies and Antigens: 4. Intracellular antigens; 5. Cell surface antigens; Section 3. Specific Syndromes and Diseases: 6. Limbic encephalitis; 7. Autoimmunity against proteins associated with voltage-gated potassium channels; 8. Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis; 9. Seizures and autoantibodies against surface antigens; 10. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis and myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody-associated disease; 11. Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders and glial fibrillary acidic protein autoimmunity; 12. Autoimmune cerebellar ataxias; 13. Autoimmune brainstem encephalitis; 14. Autoimmunity against the inhibitory synapsis; 15. Anti-IgLON5 disease; 16. Autoimmune and inflammatory encephalopathies as complication of cancer; 17. Deconstructing Hashimoto encephalopathy; 18. CNS syndromes at the frontier of autoimmune encephalitis; Section 4. Autoimmunity in Neurologic and Psychiatric Diseases: 19. Autoimmune psychosis; 20. Psychiatric manifestations of autoimmune encephalitis; 21. Abnormal movements in neurological autoimmune disorders; 22. Sleep and autoimmunity; 23. Immunity, inflammation and epilepsy; 24. Autoimmune dementia: a useful term?; 25. Frequently asked questions.
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