Augustine Deformed

Augustine Deformed

Love, Sin and Freedom in the Western Moral Tradition

Rist, John M. (University of Toronto)

Cambridge University Press






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This volume traces the distortion of Augustine's moral thought from the twelfth century to the present day and examines the consequences of replacing it with increasingly secular and impersonal moral systems. In order to avoid the nihilistic conclusions of these systems, John M. Rist proposes a return to a revitalized Augustinian Christianity.
Introduction; 1. 'Will' and freedom, mind and love: some pre-Augustinian debates; 2. Awe-ful Augustine: sin, freedom and inscrutability; 3. Inspirational Augustine: love, desire and knowledge; 4. Anselm: will, omnipotence and responsibility; 5. Augustine and Aristotle: the problem of Thomas Aquinas; 6. Separating morality and salvation; 7. The rise and fall of lopsided Augustinianism; 8. Naturalism revised; 9. Love, will and the moral sense; 10. Radical revisionists: Hume, Kant and Rousseau; 11. Atheist 'freedoms': liberal, totalitarian and nihilist; 12. The age of deception: virtual religion, virtual morality; 13. Whither Lady Philosophy: muse, call girl or Valkyrie?; 14. Reformed Augustine, genetically modified Adam.
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