Astral Sciences in Early Imperial China

Astral Sciences in Early Imperial China

Observation, Sagehood and the Individual

Morgan, Daniel (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Paris)

Cambridge University Press






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Responding to monolithic modern narratives about 'Chinese science', Morgan examines the astral sciences in early China as a study in the disunities of Chinese scientific cultures and the narratives by which ancients and moderns alike have fought to instil them with a sense of unity.
Introduction; Conventions; 1. The world below; 2. Observing the signs; 3. Granting the seasons; 4. Reverent accordance with prodigious heaven; 5. What the ancients had yet to learn; 6. Conclusion; Bibliography; Pre-1850 texts and epigraphic sources, by titles; Secondary sources; Index.
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