Assembly of the Executive Mind

Assembly of the Executive Mind

Evolutionary Insights and a Paradigm for Brain Health

Hoffmann, Michael W.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; 1. Progressively larger brains evolved ever since the vertebrate-invertebrate divide; 2. The profound increase in primate gray matter growth; 3. Exponential white matter growth and major fiber tract systems assembly; 4. Cellular and molecular changes; 5. The core frontal systems; 6. Major software upgrading, enhanced working memory (EWM): assembled in Southern Africa during a time of extreme environmental hardship; 7. Unravelling of these networks in neurological conditions - nature's reductionism; 8. Most neurological diseases present as networktopathies with significant diaschisis or remote disconnection phenomena; 9. An exquisitely sensitive prefrontal cortex evolved that is vulnerable to the vicissitudes of daily rhythms; 10. Implications for treatment and management: a network based approach; 11. Sense of self disorders; 12. Implications for you and society.
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