Asia after the Developmental State

Asia after the Developmental State

Disembedding Autonomy


Cambridge University Press






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1. Disembedding autonomy: Asia after the developmental state Toby Carroll and Darryl S. L. Jarvis; Part I. Conceptualizing State Transformation in Asia: Multipolarity, Neoliberalism and Contestation: 2. The origins of East Asia's developmental states and the pressures for change Richard Stubbs; 3. Globalization and development: the evolving idea of the developmental state Shigeko Hayashi; 4. Late capitalism and the shift from the 'development state' to the variegated market state Toby Carroll; 5. Capitalist development in the twenty-first century: states and global competitiveness Paul Cammack; 6. From Japan's 'Prussian path' to China's 'Singapore model': learning authoritarian developmentalism Mark Thompson; 7. What does China's rise mean for the developmental state paradigm? Mark Beeson; Part II. Cases of State Transformation in Contemporary Asia: 8. The state and development in Malaysia: race, class and markets Darryl S. L. Jarvis; 9. Survival of the weakest? The politics of independent regulatory agencies in Indonesia Jamie Davidson; 10. The Pandora's box of neoliberalism: housing reforms in China and South Korea Siu-yau Lee; 11. Health care and the state in China M. Ramesh and Azad Bali; 12. Wither the developmental state? Adaptive state entrepreneurship and social policy expansion in China Ka Ho Mok; 13. Public-private partnerships in the water sector in Southeast Asia: trends, issues and lessons Schuyler House and Wu Xun; 14. Higher education and the developmental state: the view from East and Southeast Asia Anthony Welch; 15. State, capital, and the politics of stratification: a comparative study of welfare regimes in marketizing Asia Jonathan London; 16. Modifying recipes: insights on Japanese electricity sector reform and lessons for China Scott Victor Valentine.
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