Asia-Pacific Judiciaries

Asia-Pacific Judiciaries

Independence, Impartiality and Integrity

Lee, H. P.; Pittard, Marilyn

Cambridge University Press






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1. Asia-Pacific judiciaries: themes and contemporary perspectives H. P. Lee and Marilyn Pittard; 2. Independence and accountability of the judiciary: comparative analysis of the theories and realities with lessons for the Asia-Pacific Shimon Shetreet; 3. The judiciary of Bangladesh: its independence and accountability M. Rafiqul Islam; 4. Judicial independence, impartiality and integrity in Brunei Darussalam Ann Black; 5. The future of judicial independence in China Lin Feng; 6. The judiciary in Fiji: a broken reed Venkat Iyer; 7. Hong Kong's judiciary under 'one country, two systems' Albert H. Y. Chen and P. Y. Lo; 8. Judicial independence and the rise of the Supreme Court in India Rehan Abeyratne; 9. The Indonesian courts: from non-independence to independence without accountability Nadirsyah Hosen; 10. Independence of the judiciary and securing the public trust in Japan Shigenori Matsui; 11. The Malaysian judiciary: a Sisyphean quest for redemption? H. P. Lee and Richard Foo; 12. Judicial power in Myanmar and the challenge of judicial independence Melissa Crouch; 13. The Singapore judiciary: independence, impartiality and integrity Kevin Y. L. Tan; 14. Decline and fall of Sri Lanka's judiciary and prospects for resurrection Suri Ratnapala; 15. Institutional independence of the judiciary: Taiwan's incomplete reform Wen-Chen Chang; 16. The Vanuatu judiciary: a critical check on executive power Miranda Forsyth; 17. Independence, impartiality and integrity of the judiciary in Vietnam Pip Nicholson and Hung Quang Nguyen; 18. The challenges of judicial independence in the Asia-Pacific H. P. Lee and Marilyn Pittard.
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