Articulating Resistance under the Roman Empire

Articulating Resistance under the Roman Empire

Jolowicz, Daniel; Elsner, Jas

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: Articulating resistance Daniel Jolowicz and Jas Elsner; Part I. Language and Identity: 1. Linguistic resistance to Rome: A reappraisal of the epigraphic evidence Katherine McDonald and Nicholas Zair; Part II. Genres of Literary Resistance: 2. Courtroom rhetoric in imperial and late antique philosophical dialogues Dawn LaValle Norman; 3. Greek declamation and the art of resistance Will Guast; 4. Plutarch's parallelism and resistance Eran Almagor; 5. A glitch in the matrix: Aphrodisias, Rome and imperial Greek fiction Daniel Jolowicz; Part III. Identity Negotiation: 6. Portraying power: Lucian's imagines and Marcus Aurelius' meditations Nicolo D'Alconzo; 7. Satire and the polis in Lucian's Timon or The Misanthrope Aneurin Ellis-Evans; Part IV. Religion and Resistance: 8. Anti-Roman Sibyl(s) Helen Van Noorden; 9. Traditions of resistance in Greco-Egyptian narratives Ian Rutherford; 10. Julian the emperor and the reaction against Christianity: A case study of resistance from the top Lea Niccolai; Epilogue: Resisting resistance Simon Goldhill.
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