Armies of the Second World War

Armies of the Second World War

Hill, Alexander (University of Calgary)

Cambridge University Press






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In a definitive new account of the Soviet Union at war, Hill charts the development, successes and failures of the Red Army from the industrialisation of the Soviet Union in the late 1920s through to the end of the Great Patriotic War in May 1945.
Introduction; 1. Of horses and men: the Red Army of the late 1920s; 2. Tanks, aircraft and 'deep battle': the Red Army transformed, 1928-1936; 3. The 'enemy' within: the Red Army during and in the aftermath of the great purges, 1937-1940; 4. More than manoeuvres: Red Army experience in Spain and at Lake Khasan; 5. Khalkin Gol; 6. Keeping up with the Schmidts and the Suzukis: soviet military equipment and the small wars of the 1930s; 7. Voroshilov's 'lightning' war: the Soviet invasion of Poland; 8. The Finnish debacle; 9. Reform and the road to war; 10. Barbarossa: from Minsk to Smolensk; 11. Barbarossa: from Smolensk to Moscow; 12. The end of 'Typhoon'; 13. Lost opportunity; 14. More men, women and machines; 15. 'Not a step back!'; 16. Change at the top; 17. Stalingrad and Uranus; 18. The wrath of the Gods; 19. The defence of the Kursk salient and the battle for Prokhorovka; 20. To the Dnepr and beyond; 21. The ten Stalinist blows of 1944; 22. The end in sight; 23. The fall of Berlin and the end of the Reich; Conclusion; Appendix 1. The destruction of the upper echelons of the RKKA in 1937-1941; Appendix 2. Soviet armoured strength and serviceability in the Western military districts of the Soviet Union as of 1 June 1941; Glossary; Bibliography; Index.
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