French Army and the First World War

French Army and the First World War

Greenhalgh, Elizabeth (University of New South Wales, Sydney)

Cambridge University Press






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A comprehensive new history of the French army's critical contribution to the Great War. Elizabeth Greenhalgh revises our understanding not only of wartime strategy and combat, but also of other crucial aspects of France's war, from mutinies and mail censorship to medical services, railways and weapons development.
Introduction; 1. The pre-war army; 2. 1914: from the frontiers to Flanders; 3. 1915: on the offensive; 4. 1916: Verdun and the Somme; 5. General Nivelle and his 1917 offensive; 6. Restoring the Army; 7. 1918: German offensives; 8. The path to victory; 9. Armistices and demobilisation; 10. From 1914 to 1919: aux armes, citoyens!; Bibliographic essay; Index.
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