Armed with Sword and Scales

Armed with Sword and Scales

Law, Culture, and Local Courtrooms in London, 1860-1913

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: Courtroom Culture; 1. 'Many-Coloured Scenes of Life': The Police Courts in Metropolitan Culture and Society, 1758-1860; 2. 'A Ruffian Rightly Punished': Morality and Local Courtrooms in Practice and Portrayal, 1860-1880; 3. 'An Evil Quarter of an Hour About the Precincts': Urban Reform and Municipal Authority in the Courtroom, 1870-1902; 4. 'Two Shillings' Worth of Revenge in the Form of a Summons': The Integration of Courtrooms and Communities in London, 1882-1902; 5. A Poor Woman's Court of Justice, 1882-1910; 6. 'The Very Centre of Observation and Information': Constables, Magistrates, and Changing Patterns of Prosecution and Punishment, 1880-1913; Conclusion: The Historical and Cultural Legacies of the London Magistrates Courts.
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