Aristotle's Anthropology

Aristotle's Anthropology

Kreft, Nora (Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin); Keil, Geert (Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin)

Cambridge University Press






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Focusing specifically on Aristotle's anthropological philosophy, the book discusses the meaning of Aristotle's anthropological statements, their interrelations and their significance for exploring similarities and differences between human and non-human animals. It will interest those working on ancient and contemporary philosophical anthropology.
Introduction: Aristotle's anthropology Geert Keil and Nora Kreft; Part I. Human Beings as Rational Animals: 1. Aristotle on the definition of what it is to be human Christian Kietzmann; 2. Speech and the rational soul Ian C. McCready-Flora; 3. Aristotle's peculiarly human psychology Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi; 4. The planetary nature of mankind: a cosmological perspective on Aristotle's anthropology Christof Rapp; Part II. Human Nature in the Light of Aristotle's Biology: 5. Is reason natural? Aristotle's zoology of rational animals James G. Lennox; 6. Spot the differences! The hidden philosophical anthropology in Aristotle's biological writings Joern Muller; 7. Aristotle on the anthropological difference and animal minds Hans-Johann Glock; Part III. Aristotle's Moral Anthropology: 8. Why human virtue is the measure of all virtue Kathi Beier; 9. Aristotle on friendship and being human Nora Kreft; 10. Aristotle on the possibility of moral perfection Christoph Horn; Part IV. Aristotle's Political Anthropology: 11. Political animals and human nature in Aristotle's politics Joseph Karbowski; 12. Political animals and the genealogy of the polis: Aristotle's politics and Plato's statesman David J. Depew; 13. The deficiency of human nature: the task of a 'philosophy of human affairs' Dorothea Frede.
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