Are We Slaves to our Genes?

Are We Slaves to our Genes?

Alexander, Denis R.

Cambridge University Press






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List of Figures; Preface; 1. Genetic Confusion; 2. Genetic Information and How It Flows; 3. Genes and Environments in Human Development; 4. What is Behavioural Genetics?; 5. Genes and Mental Health; 6. Genes, Education and Intelligence; 7. Genes, Personality and Personality Disorders; 8. Genes, Food, Exercise, Fat and Thin; 9. Genes, Religiosity and Political Commitment; 10. Gay Genes? Genetics and Sexual Orientation; 11. Are We Slaves to our Genes?; 12. Genes and Human Identity; Endnotes; Definitions of Technical Terms; Bibliography; Index.
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