Animal Sacrifice in the Ancient Greek World

Animal Sacrifice in the Ancient Greek World

Rutherford, Ian (University of Reading); Hitch, Sarah (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)

Cambridge University Press






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Experts in Greek language, literature and material culture re-examine the role of animal sacrifice in Greek life across the Mediterranean.
Introduction Sarah Hitch and Ian Rutherford; Part I. Victims: 1. Bare bones: zooarchaeology and Greek sacrifice Gunnel Ekroth; 2. Venison for Artemis? The problem of deer sacrifice Jennifer Larson; 3. Don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg? Some thoughts on bird sacrifices in ancient Greece Alexandra Villing; Part II. Procedure: 4. Sacrifice and purification in the Greek world Stella Georgoudi; 5. 'Polis religion' and sacrificial regulation Fred Naiden; 6. Meaty perks: epichoric and topological trends Mathieu Carbon; Part III. Representation: 7. Sacrifice and the Homeric hymn to Hermes 112-41 Oliver Thomas; 8.. Visualising veneration? Images of sacrifice on Greek votive reliefs Anja Kloeckner; 9. Sacrifice in drama: the flow of liquids Richard Seaford; Part IV. Margins: 10. Animal sacrifice in Hittite Anatolia Alice Mouton; 11. The reception of Egyptian animal sacrifice in Greek writers: ethnic stereotyping or transcultural discourse? Ian Rutherford; 12. A quiet slaughter? Julian and the etiquette of public sacrifice Sergio Knipe.
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