Animal Sacrifice in the Ancient Greek World

Animal Sacrifice in the Ancient Greek World

Rutherford, Ian (University of Reading); Hitch, Sarah (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)

Cambridge University Press






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This volume draws together the current work of archaeologists, historians and experts in Greek literature and art to re-examine the role of animal sacrifice in Greek life across the Mediterranean, from the poems of Homer to the revival of sacrificial practice under the Roman emperor Julian in the fourth century CE.
Introduction Sarah Hitch and Ian Rutherford; Part I. Victims: 1. Bare bones: zooarchaeology and Greek sacrifice Gunnel Ekroth; 2. Venison for Artemis? The problem of deer sacrifice Jennifer Larson; 3. Don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg? Some thoughts on bird sacrifices in ancient Greece Alexandra Villing; Part II. Procedure: 4. Sacrifice and purification in the Greek world Stella Georgoudi; 5. 'Polis religion' and sacrificial regulation Fred Naiden; 6. Meaty perks: epichoric and topological trends Mathieu Carbon; Part III. Representation: 7. Sacrifice and the Homeric hymn to Hermes 112-41 Oliver Thomas; 8.. Visualising veneration? Images of sacrifice on Greek votive reliefs Anja Kloeckner; 9. Sacrifice in drama: the flow of liquids Richard Seaford; Part IV. Margins: 10. Animal sacrifice in Hittite Anatolia Alice Mouton; 11. The reception of Egyptian animal sacrifice in Greek writers: ethnic stereotyping or transcultural discourse? Ian Rutherford; 12. A quiet slaughter? Julian and the etiquette of public sacrifice Sergio Knipe.
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