Analytical Methods for Social Research

Analytical Methods for Social Research

Ward, Michael D. (Duke University, North Carolina); Ahlquist, John S. (University of California, San Diego)

Cambridge University Press






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A new advanced text in applied statistics and methodology in the social sciences, aimed at Ph.D. students in political science, sociology, and related disciplines. The authors take an applied perspective here, emphasizing core statistical concepts, computation in R, and the tools for evaluating and interpreting statistical models.
Part I. Concepts, Theory, and Implementation: 1. Introduction to maximum likelihood; 2. Theory; 3. Maximum likelihood for binary outcomes; 4. Implementing MLE; Part II. Model Evaluation and Interpretation: 5. Model evaluation and selection; 6. Inference and interpretation; Part III. The Generalized Linear Model: 7. The generalized linear model; 8. Ordered categorical variable models 9. Models for nominal data; 10. Strategies for analyzing count data; Part IV. Advanced Topics: 10. Duration; 11. Strategies for missing data; Part V. A Look Ahead: 13. Epilogue; Index.
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