Introduction to Practical Laboratory Optics

Introduction to Practical Laboratory Optics

James, J. F.

Cambridge University Press






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Aimed at students taking practical laboratory courses in experimental optics, this book helps readers to understand the components within optical instruments. Topics covered range from the operation of lenses and mirrors to the laws which govern the design, layout and working of optical instruments.
1. Introduction: centred optical systems; 2. Telescopes and binoculars; 3. Eyepieces, eyes and colour; 4. Cameras and camera lenses; 5. The scientific CCD camera; 6. Spectrometry; 7. Interferometers and their uses; 8. Electro-optical effects and their uses; 9. Microscopes and projectors; 10. Siderostats and coelostats; 11. The detection and measurement of radiation; 12. Practicalities; Further reading; Appendices; Index.
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