History of Marine Architecture

History of Marine Architecture

Including an Enlarged and Progressive View of the Nautical Regulations and Naval History, Both Civil and Military, of All Nations, Especially of Great Britain

Cambridge University Press



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Volume 1: Dedication; Preface; 1. Introductory chapter; 2. The science of shipbuilding; 3. Of the different vessels; 4. Of commerce; 5. The advancement of the art; 6. The different species of timber used by the ancients; 7. Description of the vessels employed by the Grecians; 8. The construction and proportions adopted by the ancients in building commercial vessels; 9. Cursory remarks on the rapid improvement of marine architecture; 10. The conduct of Genseric; 11. Remarks on the account of the expedition of Belisarius; 12. Principal causes of the want of scientific information in respect to the marine architecture of the ancients; 13. Causes of the decline and contracted pursuit of naval war as well as commerce; 14. Description of the gallies or vessels built for the emperor of the east; 15. The sudden appearance of the Normans as a naval power; 16. Insignificant state of the Genoese previous to the tenth century; 17. Rapid decline of the eastern empire. Volume 2: 1. State of the Venetian and Genoese marine; 2. Account of the British navy; 3. State of the British navy under Edward VI and Mary; 4. Internal or civil regulations; 5. Civil economy of the royal navy in the reigns of Henry VII and VIII; 6. Number of ships built for the public service; 7. The condition of the Venetian, Genoese, Spanish, French and Dutch marine; 8. State of the British navy at the accession of James I; 9. Report of the commissioners; 10. Continuation of the report; 11. Squadrons fitted our against the Algerines; 12. State of the Venetian and Genoese marine; 13. The maritime power of the United Provinces; 14. State of the Russian marine; 15. Political situation of Great Britain after the death of Charles I; 16. Flourishing state of the British navy; 17. Active measures taken by King William; 18. Principles of marine architecture. Volume 3: 1. Political account of the different navies of Europe; 2. Improvements in marine architecture; 3. The British navy at the commencement of the eighteenth century; 4. Conditions of the different navies of Europe; 5. State of the British marine; 6. Effects of war on the Spanish marine; 7. The British navy in 1739; 8. Alterations to the principles of construction; 9. Avidity for maritime pursuits; 10. Comparative view of the naval powers in Europe; 11. Ships built for the Royal Navy from 1700 to 1800; 12. Marine belonging to the different African powers; 13. General principles of marine architecture; 14. The different formation of the bow; 15. Obscurity of the terms used in marine architecture; 16. Causes of the imperfections in marine architecture.
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