Environmental History of India

Environmental History of India

From Earliest Times to the Twenty-First Century

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction; 2. Locating and shaping India's physical environment and living populations; 3. Indus and Vedic relationships with Indian environments (c.3500 BCE-c.600 BCE); 4. The environment and forest-dweller, late Vedic, Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, and Dravidian cultures, societies, and states (c.600 BCE-c.800 CE); 5. Insiders, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim immigrants, and the environment (c.700-c.1600); 6. Mughal empire (1526-1707); 7. Mughal imperial fragmentation, regional state rise, popular environmental movements, and early British colonial policies and institutions (c.1700-1857); 8. The British Raj, 'Mahatma' Gandhi, and other anti-colonial movements (1857-1947); 9. West and East Pakistan and India following independence (1947-71); 10. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh from Stockholm to Rio (1971-92); 11. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh into the twenty-first century; 12. National, subcontinental, and global issues in South Asia; Bibliographic essay.
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