American Literature in Transition, 1910-1920

American Literature in Transition, 1910-1920

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Chronology: 1910-1920; Introduction: revolution, progress, and reaction in the first decade of American modernism Mark W. Van Wienen; Part I. Themes: 1. The city: modern poetics and metropolitan life John Timberman Newcomb; 2. The country: myth and reality, affirmation and reform Janet Galligani Casey; 3. Indian country: between native claims and modernist desires Beth H. Piatote; 4. Labor: the Lawrence strike in poetry and public opinion John Marsh; 5. The color line: racial inequality in the literary field Michael Nowlin; 6. The new woman: narrating the histor(ies) of the feminist movement Francesca Sawaya; 7. Eugenics: bad blood and better babies Beth Widmaier Capo; 8. Bohemians: Greenwich Village and 'the masses' Joanna Levin; 9. Americanism: assimilation and the 'immigrant question' Cathy J. Schlund-Vials; 10. Masculinity: regenerative primitivism as cultural compensation Jonathan Vincent; 11. Revolution: imagining a counternarrative Laura Hapke; Part II. Formats: 12. Modernist poetry: or, the growing taste for the lower kinds of poetry Robin G. Schulze; 13. Modernist fiction: women's writing and cultural emergence Guy Reynolds; 14. Realist drama: from the little theatre to Broadway Brenda Murphy; 15. Realist fiction: a resilient mode Robin Peel; 16. Roots and popular music: literary encounters with jazz and blues Tim A. Ryan; 17. Popular verse: poetry in motion Mike Chasar; 18. Sports writing: a foundational decade Scott D. Emmert; 19. Manifestos: anti-foundationalism in avant-garde, feminist, and African-American modernisms Laura Ann Winkiel; Part III. Institutions: 20. Little magazines: aesthetics and dissent Jayne E. Marek; 21. The movies: the transitional era Charlie Keil; 22. The academy: potential and constraint Cary Nelson; 23. The presidency: Woodrow Wilson and the reinvention of executive power Sean McCann; 24. The war: event and institution Mark W. Van Wienen; Works cited; Index.
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