American Literature in Transition, 1910-1920

American Literature in Transition, 1910-1920

Wienen, Mark Van (Northern Illinois University)

Cambridge University Press






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This book considers the birth of modern American literature through fresh interpretations of authors including Frost, Cather, Stein, and Wharton. Yet the volume construes 'literature' variously, leading to explorations of jazz, film, and political writing. Topics such as the color line, eugenics, Indian country, revolution, and war facilitate exploration of both continuity and change.
Chronology: 1910-1920; Introduction: revolution, progress, and reaction in the first decade of American modernism Mark W. Van Wienen; Part I. Themes: 1. The city: modern poetics and metropolitan life John Timberman Newcomb; 2. The country: myth and reality, affirmation and reform Janet Galligani Casey; 3. Indian country: between native claims and modernist desires Beth H. Piatote; 4. Labor: the Lawrence strike in poetry and public opinion John Marsh; 5. The color line: racial inequality in the literary field Michael Nowlin; 6. The new woman: narrating the histor(ies) of the feminist movement Francesca Sawaya; 7. Eugenics: bad blood and better babies Beth Widmaier Capo; 8. Bohemians: Greenwich Village and 'the masses' Joanna Levin; 9. Americanism: assimilation and the 'immigrant question' Cathy J. Schlund-Vials; 10. Masculinity: regenerative primitivism as cultural compensation Jonathan Vincent; 11. Revolution: imagining a counternarrative Laura Hapke; Part II. Formats: 12. Modernist poetry: or, the growing taste for the lower kinds of poetry Robin G. Schulze; 13. Modernist fiction: women's writing and cultural emergence Guy Reynolds; 14. Realist drama: from the little theatre to Broadway Brenda Murphy; 15. Realist fiction: a resilient mode Robin Peel; 16. Roots and popular music: literary encounters with jazz and blues Tim A. Ryan; 17. Popular verse: poetry in motion Mike Chasar; 18. Sports writing: a foundational decade Scott D. Emmert; 19. Manifestos: anti-foundationalism in avant-garde, feminist, and African-American modernisms Laura Ann Winkiel; Part III. Institutions: 20. Little magazines: aesthetics and dissent Jayne E. Marek; 21. The movies: the transitional era Charlie Keil; 22. The academy: potential and constraint Cary Nelson; 23. The presidency: Woodrow Wilson and the reinvention of executive power Sean McCann; 24. The war: event and institution Mark W. Van Wienen; Works cited; Index.
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