American Literature in Transition, 1940-1950

American Literature in Transition, 1940-1950

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. The United States in the World: 1. Why We Fight: contending narratives of the Second World War Christopher Vials; 2. Human rights in American political discourse Glenn Mitoma; 3. Fictions of anti-semitism and the beginning of Holocaust literature Josh Lambert; 4. The fatal machine: the postwar imperial state and the radical novel Benjamin Balthaser; 5. Antifascism as a political grammar and cultural force Christopher Vials; 6. From confession to exposure: transitions in anticommunist literature Alex Goodall; 7. The contested origins of the Atomic Age and the Cold War Christian Appy; Part II. Emergent Publics: 8. Cross currents: WWII and the increasing visibility of race Bill Mullen; 9. Good Asian/bad Asian: Asian American racial formation Floyd Cheung; 10. Social realism, the Ghetto, and African American literature James Smethurst; 11. From factory to home? The crisis in the gendered division of labor Julia L. Mickenberg; 12. Public excursions in fierce truth-telling: literary cultures and homosexuality Aaron Lecklider; 13. Resurgence: conservatives organize against the new deal Kathy Olmsted; Part III. Media and Genre: 14. Late modernisms, latent realisms: the politics of literary interpretation Sarah Ehlers; 15. The city in the literary imagination Sean McCann; 16. Noir and the ebb of radical hope Alan Wald; 17. Narrating the war Philip Beidler; 18. Paperbacks and the literary marketplace Erin Smith; 19. Literary radicals in Radio's public sphere Judith Smith; 20. The state cultural apparatus: federal funding of arts and letters Joan Saab.
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