American Literature and Immediacy

American Literature and Immediacy

Literary Innovation and the Emergence of Photography, Film, and Television

Cambridge University Press






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The quest for immediacy in American literature and media culture; Part I. Literary Immediacy and Photography: 1. The poet as 'exact reporter of the essential law': Ralph Waldo Emerson's poetics in the context of early photography; 2. 'To exalt the present and the real': Walt Whitman's photographic poetry; 3. The politics of paying attention: the romantic desire for immediacy; Part II. Literary Immediacy and the Cinema: 4. 'Living moving pictures': the thrills of early cinema; 5. 'Making a cinema of it': seriality and presence in Gertrude Stein's early literary portraits; 6. 'A novel like a documentary film': cinematic writing as cultural critique in John Dos Passos's Manhattan Transfer; Part III. Literary Immediacy and Television: 7. Being there: television's aesthetics of immediacy; 8. For real? The critique of TV culture in the short fiction of Robert Coover and David Foster Wallace; 9. "Nothing happens until it is consumed': the remediation of TV images in Don DeLillo's novel Mao II; 10. Fiction in the age of television; Still in pursuit; Bibliography.
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