Cambridge Essential Histories

Cambridge Essential Histories

Wrobel, David M. (University of Oklahoma)

Cambridge University Press






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America's West: A History, 1890-1950 is a survey text, intended for undergraduate and graduate students. David M. Wrobel examines the regional history of the American West, including the march to overseas empire, the Progressive Era, the 1920s, the Great Depression and the New Deal, World War II, and the early Cold War years.
List of figures; List of maps; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Frontier, region, nation, and crisis; 2. The rise of a leader and a region; 3. Democracy and intolerance; 4. Regional growth and cultural conflict; 5. From safety valve to safety net; 6. Exposing the promised land; 7. The landscape of war; 8. The good war?; Coda: the West at mid-century; Bibliography.
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