Ambrose, Augustine, and the Pursuit of Greatness

Ambrose, Augustine, and the Pursuit of Greatness

Cambridge University Press






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Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. The Problem of Greatness and the Great-Souled Man from Plato to Plutarch: 1. greatness of soul: the perfection of classical virtue; 2. The roman ideal of great-souled men; Part II. Ambrose's Great-Souled Christians: 3. Law, gospel, and exemplary patriarchs; 4. Toward a higher greatness: re-narrating perfection; 5. Beyond honor and shame; Part III. Augustine and the Magnus Animus: 6. The 'sublime indifference' of greatness?; 7. The witness of death and the witness of conscience: Lucretia and the shaming of roman virtue; Epilogue: the end of virtue; Abbreviations; Bibliography.
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