Age of Information

Age of Information

Foundations and Applications

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1. The probability distribution of the age of information Yoshiaki Inoue, Tetsuya Takine and Toshiyuki Tanaka; 2. On the distribution of AoI Jaya Champati and James Gross; 3. Multi-source queueing models Sanjit K. Kaul and Roy D. Yates; 4. Controlling the age of information: buffer size, deadlines and packet management Sastry Kompella and Clement Kam; 5. Timely status updating via packet management in multi-source systems Mohammad Moltafet, Markus Leinonen and Marian Codreanu; 6. Age of information in source coding Melih Bastopcu, Baturalp Buyukates and Sennur Ulukus; 7. Sample and scheduling for minimizing age of information of multiple sources Ahmed M. Bedewy, Yin Sun, Sastry Kompella and Ness Shroff; 8. Age-efficient scheduling in communication networks Bin Li, Bo Ji and Atilla Eryilmaz; 9. AoI-driven transmission scheduling in wireless networks Qing He, Di Yuan, Gyoergy Dan and Anthony Ephremides; 10. Age of information and remote estimation Tasmeen Zaman Ornee and Yin Sun; 11. Networked control subject to random processing delay Touraj Soleymani, John S. Baras and Karl Henrik Johansson; 12. Age of information in practice Elif Uysal, Onur Kaya, Saijad Baghaee and Hasan Burhan Beytur; 13. Reinforcement learning for minimizing age of information over wireless links Elif Tugce Ceran, Deniz Gunduz and Andras Gyoergy; 14. Information freshness in large-scale wireless networks: a stochastic geometry approach Howard H. Yang and Tony S. Quek; 15. Age of channel state information Shahab Farazi, Andrew G. Klein and Donald Richard Brown III; 16. Transmission preemption for information freshness optimization Songtao Feng, Boyu Wang, Chenghao Deng and Jing Yang; 17. Economics of fresh data trading Meng Zhang, Ahmed Arafa, Jianwei Huang and H. Vincent Poor; 18. UAV-assisted status updates Juan Liu, Xijun Wang, Bo Bai and Huaiyu Dai; References, Index.
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