After Marx

After Marx

Literature, Theory, and Value in the Twenty-First Century

Nealon, Christopher; Lye, Colleen

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: Marxist literary study and the general law of capitalist accumulation Colleen Lye and Christopher Nealon; 1. Black Marxism and the antinomies of racial capitalism Nikhil Pal Singh; 2. Eco-criticism and primitive accumulation in indigenous studies Iyko Day; 3. Screening insurrection: Marx, cinema, revolution Mark Steven; 4. Marxist ecology and Shakespeare Crystal Bartolovich; 5. There is no 'more commodification': Periodizing capitalist transformation Leigh Claire La Berge; 6. The irreconcilable: Marx after literature Joshua Clover; 7. The rise and fall of the English-language literary novel since World War II Sarah Brouillette; 8. Literature and the state Juliana Spahr; 9. Post-Soviet aesthetics Marijeta Bozovic and Rossen Djagalov; 10. Lu Xun's literary revolution in Chinese Marxism Petrus Liu; 11. Latin American literature and dependency theory today Ericka Beckman; 12. Industry culture: Labor and technology in Marxist critical theory Annie McClanahan; 13. In service to capital: Theater and Marxist cultural theory Michael Shane Boyle; 14. Hidden abodes and inner bonds: Literary study and Marxist-feminism Amy De'Ath; 15. Poetry and revolution Jasper Bernes.
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