Action and Inaction in a Social World

Action and Inaction in a Social World

Predicting and Changing Attitudes and Behavior

Albarracin, Dolores

Cambridge University Press






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Part I: Introduction: 1. Definitions, Overview, Goals, and Principles of Cognitive Processing; Part II: Beliefs, Attitudes and Behaviors: 2. Beliefs; 3. Attitudes; 4. Goals, Intentions, and Behavior; Part III: Influences of The Past and The Situation: 5. The Impact of Past Experience and Past Behavior on Attitudes and Behavior; 6. The Impact of Others on Attitudes and Behaviors; Part IV: The Impact Of Persuasive Communications and Behavioral Interventions: 7. The Processing of Persuasive Communications and Behavioral Interventions; 8. Persuasive Communications and Behavioral Interventions in The Context of Prior Attitudes and Behaviors; 9. Sources of Information, Actionability, and Behavioral Impact of Persuasive Communications and Behavioral Interventions; 10. Conclusions and Future Directions.
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attitude; belief; behavior; persuasion; intervention; social media; messaging; change; attitude formation; behavioral intervention; selective exposure; belief echoes; misinformation; actionability; action; inaction; social cognition; communication; behavior prediction; reasoned action; planned behavior; affect; mood; information