Across Intellectual Property

Across Intellectual Property

Essays in Honour of Sam Ricketson

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Part I. Across Regimes: 1. A matter of sense: what intellectual property rights protect Andrew F. Christie; 2. Overlap and redundancy in the intellectual property system: trade mark always loses Graeme B. Dinwoodie; 3. Rethinking the relationship between registered and unregistered trade marks Robert Burrell; 4. Publication in the history of patents and copyright: harmony or happenstance? David J. Brennan; 5. Of moral rights and legal transplants: connecting laws, connecting cultures Elizabeth Adeney; Part II. Across Jurisdictions: 6. People not machines: authorship and what it means in international copyright law Jane C. Ginsburg; 7. Australian legislation abroad: Singaporean pragmatism, and the role of Australian scholarship in Singaporean copyright law Ng-Loy Wee Loon; 8. 'The Berne Convention is our ideal': Hall Caine, Canadian copyright and the natural rights of authors after 1886 Kathy Bowrey; 9. A future of international copyright? Berne and the front door out Rebecca Giblin; 10. Trade-related' after all? Reframing the Paris and Berne Conventions as multilateral trade law Antony Taubman; 11. Intellectual property, innovation and new space technology Melissa de Zwart; 12. Intellectual property and private international law: strangers in the night? Richard Garnett; Part III. Across Disciplines: 13. The challenges of intellectual property legal history research Isabella Alexander; 14. Connecting intellectual property and human rights in the law school syllabus Graeme W. Austin; 15. Copyright and privacy: pre-trial discovery of user identities David Lindsay; 16. Resisting labels: trade marks and personal identity Megan Richardson; 17. Trade marks and cultural identity Rochelle Cooper Dreyfuss and Susy Frankel; 18. Intellectual property law and empirical research Emily Hudson and Andrew T. Kenyon; Part IV. Across Professions: 19. Intellectual property scholars and university intellectual property policies Ann Monotti; 20. 'Measuring' an academic contribution Mark Davison; 21. Language and law: the role of the intellectual property treatise David Llewelyn; 22. Intellectual property in the courtroom: the role of the expert Peter Heerey; 23. Copyright and the 'profession' of authorship Colin Golvan; Laudatio; 24. Sam Ricketson: teacher, scholar, advocate and law Jill McKeough.
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