Across Iceland

Across Iceland

With Illustrations and Maps, and an Appendix on the Plants Collected


Cambridge University Press






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1. The party; 2. The Faroes; 3. The fjords; 4. Across the northern inhabited fringe; 5. The interior, to Hveravellir; 6. The interior, Strytur and its lava; 7. The interior, Kerlingarfjoell; 8. The interior, Hvitarvatn and Gullfoss; 9. Geysir and Thingvellir; 10. The capital, Reykjavik; 11. In the west, to Reykholt; 12. Barnafoss and the Surtshellir caves; 13. Gilsbakki to Statharhraun; 14. To Eldborg and Helgafell; 15. Stykkisholm and Berserkjahraun; 16. The north-west peninsula; 17. The northern fjords; 18. Across country from Akureyri to Husavik; 19. The eastern fjords; Appendices; Index of places.
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