Abolition in Sierra Leone

Abolition in Sierra Leone

Re-Building Lives and Identities in Nineteenth-Century West Africa

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Introduction. Sierra Leone: African colony, African diaspora; 1. Liberated African origins and the nineteenth century slave trade; 2. Their own middle passage: voyages to Sierra Leone; 3. 'Particulars of disposal': life and labor after 'liberation'; 4. Liberated African nations: ethnogenesis in an African diaspora; 5. Kings and companies: ethnicity and community leadership; 6. Religion, return, and the making of the Aku; 7. The Cobolo War: Islam, identity, and resistance; Conclusion. Retention or renaissance? Krio descendants and ethnic identity; Appendices. A. 'Nations' of children in CMS school rosters by probable coastline of embarkation, 1816-1824; B. 1848 Sierra Leone census; C. Koelle's Aku informants; D. Liberated African memorials in Freetown churches; Select bibliography; Index.
abolition; identity; empire