Practical Guide to Experimental Geometrical Optics

Practical Guide to Experimental Geometrical Optics

Garbovskiy, Yuriy A. (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs); Glushchenko, Anatoliy V. (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs)

Cambridge University Press






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A concise, yet deep introduction to geometrical optics, developing the practical skills and research techniques routinely used in modern laboratories. Suitable for both students and self-learners, this accessible text teaches readers how to build their own optical laboratory, and design and perform optical experiments.
Preface; 1. Markets of optical materials, components, accessories, light sources and detectors; 2. Introduction to optical experiments: light producing, light managing, light detection and measuring; 3. Light detectors based on semiconductors: photoresistors, photodiodes in a photo-galvanic regime. Principles of operation and measurements; 4. Linear light detectors based on photodiodes; 5. Basic laws of geometrical optics: experimental verification; 6. Converging and diverging thin lenses; 7. Thick lenses; 8. Lens systems; 9. Simple optical instruments I: the eye and the magnifier, eyepieces and telescopes; 10. Simple optical instruments II: light illuminators and microscope; 11. Spherical mirrors; 12. Introduction to optical aberrations; 13. Elements of optical radiometry; 14. Cylindrical lenses and vials; 15. Methods of geometrical optics to measure refractive index; 16. Dispersion of light and prism spectroscope; 17. Elements of computer aided optical design; Index.
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