Magna Carta for Children?

Magna Carta for Children?

Rethinking Children's Rights

Cambridge University Press






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Prelude; Part I. 1. Are children human?; 2. Interlude - taking a deep breath; Part II. Even Lawyers Were Children Once: 3. The Convention on the Rights of the Child and its principles; 4. The Convention - norms and themes; 5. Enforcing children's rights; 6. Criticisms of the Convention; 7. Beyond the Convention; 8. Interlude - what we can learn from the sociology of childhood; 9. Childhoods and rights; 10. Regional children's rights; 11. Child friendly justice; 12. The world 25 years on: new issues and responses; Part III. A Magna Carta for Children: 13. Rethinking children's rights; 14. Alternatives to rights - or are they?; 15. A Magna Carta for children?; 16. Rethinking principles and concepts; 17. Conclusion; 18. Coda - a child of our time.
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