History of the Jewish War

History of the Jewish War

AD 66-74

Mason, Steve

Cambridge University Press






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The first war between Jews and Romans (AD 66 to 74), which saw the fall of Jerusalem's temple (AD 70), is among the West's most consequential conflicts. This book revisits its context and causes, its phases and key players.
Part I. Contexts: 1. A famous and unknown war; 2. Historical evidence: understanding Josephus' Judean War; 3. Parthian saviours, sieges, and morale: ancient warfare in human perspective; Part II. Investigations: 4. Why did they do it? Circumstances, conditions, and 'causes'; 5. Nero's war I: the 'blunder' of Cestius Gallus?; 6. Nero's war II: Flavians in Galilee; 7. Flavian war I: the education of Titus; 8. Flavian war II: coins, councils, and the siege of Jerusalem; 9. Machaerus and Masada: a tale of two fortresses.
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