History of Twentieth-Century American Women's Poetry

History of Twentieth-Century American Women's Poetry

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1. Critical mapping I: the category of 'woman poet': an introduction, by way of mapping Linda Kinnahan; 2. Critical mapping II: reading American poetry by women Rachel Blau DuPlessis; 3. Chronology I: American women poets, 1900-50 Cristanne Miller; 4. Chronology II: American women poets, 1950-2000 Jeanne Heuving; 5. Native American women poets Jennifer Andrews; 6. Asian American women poets Juliana Chang; 7. Chicana/Latina women poets Cordelia Chavez Candelaria; 8. African American women poets Emily R. Rutter; 9. Jewish American women poets Kathryn Hellerstein; 10. The world split open: feminism, poetry, and social critique Nancy Berke; 11. Little magazines and the gendered, racialized discourse of women's poetry Suzanne W. Churchill; 12. The WP network: anthologies and affiliations in contemporary American women's poetry Marsha Bryant; 13. High, low, and somewhere in-between: women's poetry and popular culture in modern America Michael Chasar; 14. 'At the edge of what we know': gender and environment in American poetry Margaret Ronda; 15. Token women, male movements, and literary history's feminist shadow Elizabeth Savage; 16. Lineages and legacies: real and imagined Deborah M. Mix; 17. Crossing geographies, crossing languages Ann Vickery; 18. Women's 'spiritualities' Romana Huk; 19. Forgiving the sonnet: modernist women's love poetry and the problem of sentimentality Melissa Girard; 20. The 'do it yourself' avant-garde: American women poets and experiment Susan Rosenbaum; 21. Visual poetics Elisabeth A. Frost; 22. Poetry and technology Alex Goody; 23. Post-millennial women's poetry Lisa Sewell.
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