History of Nineteenth-Century American Women's Poetry

History of Nineteenth-Century American Women's Poetry

Socarides, Alexandra (University of Missouri, Columbia); Putzi, Jennifer (College of William and Mary, Virginia)

Cambridge University Press






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The first history to focus entirely on women's poetry of the period, this volume explores a wide variety of authors, texts, and methodological approaches, examines multiple genres of poetry, considers poems circulated in various manuscript and print venues, and proposes alternative ways of narrating literary history.
Introduction: making history: thinking about nineteenth-century American women's poetry Jennifer Putzi and Alexandra Socarides; Part I. 1800-40, American Poesis and the National Imaginary: 1. Claiming Lucy Terry Prince: literary history and the problem of early African-American women poets Mary Louise Kete; 2. Before the poetess: women's poetry in the early republic Tamara Harvey; 3. The passion for poetry in Lydia Sigourney and Elizabeth Oakes Smith Kerry Larson; 4. Album verse and the poetics of scribal circulation Michael C. Cohen; 5. Presents of mind: Lydia Sigourney, gift book culture, and the commodification of poetry Elizabeth A. Petrino; 6. The friendship elegy Desiree Henderson; 7. Gendered Atlantic: Lydia Sigourney and Felicia Hemans Gary Kelly; Part II. 1840-65, Unions and Disunion: 8. Women, Transcendentalism, and The Dial: poetry and poetics Michelle Kohler; 9. Poets of the loom, spinners of verse: working-class women's poetry and The Lowell Offering Jennifer Putzi; 10. Women's transatlantic poetic network Paraic Finnerty; 11. Making and unmaking a canon: American women's poetry and the nineteenth-century anthology Alexandra Socarides; 12. 'What witty sally': Phoebe Cary's poetics of parody Faith Barrett; 13. Nineteenth-century American women's poetry of slavery and abolition Eric Gardner; 14. Fever-dreams: antebellum Southern women poets and the Gothic Paula Bennett; 15. The Civil War language of flowers Eliza Richards; 16. Poetry and bohemianism Joanna Levin and Edward Whitley; Part III. 1865-1900, Experiment and Expansion: 17. Women poets and American literary realism Elizabeth Renker; 18. Verse forms Cristanne Miller; 19. Braided relations: towards a history of nineteenth-century American Indian women's poetry Robert Dale Parker; 20. Frances Harper and the poetry of reconstruction Monique-Adelle Callahan; 21. (Hear the bird): Sarah Piatt and the dramatic monologue Jess Roberts; 22. Women writers and the hymn Claudia Stokes; 23. Women poets, child readers Angela Sorby; 24. Emma Lazarus transnational Shira Wolosky; 25. The creation of Emily Dickinson and the study of nineteenth-century American women's poetry Mary Loeffelholz.
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