History of Modern Irish Women's Literature

History of Modern Irish Women's Literature

Ingman, Heather; O Gallchoir, Cliona

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Heather Ingman and Cliona O Gallchoir; 1. Writing before 1700 Marie-Louise Coolahan; 2. Eighteenth-century writing Cliona O Gallchoir; 3. Writing under the Union, 1800-45 James Kelly; 4. Poetry, 1845-90 Matthew Campbell; 5. Fiction, 1845-1900 James H. Murphy; 6. New woman writers Tina O'Toole; 7. Prose, drama and poetry, 1891-1920 Paige Reynolds; 8. Writing for children Valerie Coghlan; 9. Poetry, 1920-1970 Lucy Collins; 10. Fiction, 1920-60 Gerardine Meaney; 11. Elizabeth Bowen Patricia Coughlan; 12. Kate O'Brien Eibhear Walshe; 13. Edna O'Brien Sinead Mooney; 14. Fiction, 1960-95 Anne Fogarty; 15. The short story Heather Ingman; 16. Poetry, 1970-present Patricia Boyle Haberstroh; 17. Women's traditions in theatre, 1920-2015 Cathy Leeney; 18. Writing in Irish, 1900-2013 Riona Nic Congail and Mairin Nic Eoin; 19. Fiction from Northern Ireland, 1921-2015 Caroline Magennis; 20. Life writing and personal testimony in the twentieth century Anne Mulhall; 21. Twentieth-century diasporic and transnational writing Ellen McWilliams; 22. Celtic tiger fiction Susan Cahill.
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