History of Modern Chinese Popular Literature

History of Modern Chinese Popular Literature

Cambridge University Press






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List of Figures; Introduction to the English Edition by Susan Daruvala; Introduction; 1. Buds of Chinese Modern Popular Fiction; 2. The New Trend of Popular Tabloids in Shanghai between the End of the Nineteenth Century and the Beginning of the Twentieth Century; 3. The First Wave of Chinese Modern Literary Periodicals: From 1902 to 1907; 4. 1903: Outset Year of the Late-Qing Novels of Condemnation; 5. After 1906: Popularity of the Novels of Sentiments and the Novels of Grievance; 6. The Second Wave of Modern Literary Periodicals in China: From 1909 to 1917; 7. Relationship between the Change of the Dynasty and the Thriving of Historical Romances; 8. 1916: Introduction of Problem Stories and Solicitation of Shanghai Inside Stories; 9. Fiction Monthly's Reorganization and the Third Wave of the Publication of Popular Periodicals; 10. A New Way towards the Humanization of Brothel Novels in the 1920s; 11. Novelists on Martial Arts in the Early Phase of the Republic of China in the 1920s; 12. Social Novelists Who Left Marks on Urban Legends in the 20s; 13. Urban Local-colored Novels: A Characteristic of Modern Popular Literature; 14. Craze for Movies and Pictorials in the 1920s; 15. Establishment of the Chinese-Style Detective Fiction in the 1920s; 16. Rapid Rise of Popular Literature in Northern China in the 1920s and the 1930s; 17. Martial Arts Novels in Northern China before and after the Defeat of the Japanese Invaders; 18. Social Fiction Writers of Various Levels from the 1930s to the 1940s in Shanghai; 19. Popularity of the New Popular Fiction in the 1940s; 20. Explorations Needed into the Historical Experience and Lessons; Appendix: From Chinese to English; Index.
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