Global Political Morality

Global Political Morality

Human Rights, Democracy, and Constitutionalism

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. The Morality of Human Rights: 1. What are 'human rights'? Against the 'orthodox' view; 2. What reason(s) do we have, if any, to take human rights seriously? Beyond 'human dignity'; Part II. From the Morality of Human Rights to Democracy and to Certain Limitations on Democracy: 3. The three pillars of democracy: the human rights to democratic governance, intellectual freedom, and moral equality; 4. Democracy limited: the human right to religious and moral freedom; Part III. Human Rights, Democracy, and Constitutionalism: 5. A theory of judicial review; 6. The theory illustrated: five constitutional controversies, five judicial opinions; 7. Poverty as a human rights issue: constitutionalism-related reflections; Concluding note: human rights foundationalism.
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