Better Future

Better Future

The Role of Higher Education for Displaced and Marginalised People

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Introduction Jacqueline Bhabha, Wenona Giles and Faraaz Mahomed; Part I. Encountering Marginalisation: Disparities in Higher Education and Broader Society: 1. Disparities in participation in higher education among migrants: a comparative perspective in OECD countries Francesca Borgonovi and Gabriele Marconi; 2. Access to higher education and retention of students with a migrant background in the Netherlands: a comparative analysis Maurice Crul and Frans Lelie; 3. Roma in higher education: access denied Margareta Matache, Tanja Jovanovic, Simona Barbu and Jacqueline Bhabha; 4. Higher education in exile: developing a sense of self, belonging, and purpose for newcomer youth Vidur Chopra and Sarah Dryden-Peterson; 5. Continuing inequalities in South African higher education: the changing complexities of race and class Crain Soudien; 6. Inequities in US higher education access and success: obstacles and opportunities for marginal populations Richard Kazis; 7. Exploring place: indigenous students in US higher education John L. Garland, Charlotte E. Davidson and Melvin E. Monette-Barajas; Part II. Deconstructing Marginalisation: Political and Legal Solutions to Marginalisation, and their Limitations: 8. Providing access to higher education for refugees in Europe: an opportunity to rethink the university and its role in the public sphere Prem Kumar Rajaram; 9. The German case: an analysis of refugee student supports in higher education Lisa Unangst; 10. Colombian distress migrants in Ecuador: limits to higher education Elizabeth Donger; 11. Transcending socio-cultural barriers: access to tertiary education of Muslim minority youth in Greece Nelly Askouni and Thalia Dragonas; 12. Combating the exclusion and marginalization of persons with intellectual disabilities in higher education in the United States Matthew S. Smith and Michael Ashley Stein; 13. 'Invisible' disabilities in South Africa's higher education sector: an analysis of the inclusion of persons with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities Faraaz Mahomed; Part III. Confronting Marginalisation: Narratives of Affected Students and Educators and Innovations in Higher Education Settings: 14. 'Now I constantly challenge society by bringing my existence forward': creating counter spaces/stories with Sanctuary students transitioning to higher education in Toronto Paloma E. Villegas and Tanya Aberman; 15. Toward an emergent theory of fallism [and the fall of the white-liberal-university in South Africa] A. Kayum Ahmed; 16. Family sacrifice, faltering systems: the case of first generation college students in Rajasthan Orla Kelly, Jacqueline Bhabha and Aditi Krishna; 17. DACAmented: impossible realities, deferred actions, delegated dreams, and stories of resilience Carlos Aguilar and Roberto G. Gonzales; 18. Building ethical relationships through the Borderless Higher Education for Refugees project in Dadaab, Kenya Wangui Kimari and Wenona Giles; 19. The 'Jungle' is here; the jungle is outside: university teaching in the Calais refugee camp Corinne Squire and Tahir Zaman; 20. Culture, gender, and technology: mediating teacher training using text messaging in refugee camps Dacia Douhaibi, Negin Dahya, Olivier Arvisais and Sarah Dryden-Peterson.
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