2D Materials

2D Materials

Properties and Devices

Low, Tony; Avouris, Phaedon; Heinz, Tony F.

Cambridge University Press






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1. Graphene: basic properties Mikhail I. Katsnelson and Annalisa Fasolino; 2. Electrical transport in graphene: carrier scattering by impurities and phonons Jian-Hao Chen; 3. Optical properties of graphene Feng Wang and Sufei Shi; 4. Graphene mechanical properties C. DiMarco, R. Li, S. Rastogi, J. Hone and J. W. Kysar; 5. Vibrations in graphene Ado Jorio, Luiz Gustavo Cancado and Leandro M. Malard; 6. Thermal properties of graphene: from physics to applications Alexander A. Balandin; 7. Graphene plasmonics Frank Koppens, Mark B. Lundeberg, Marco Polini, Tony Low and Phaedon Avouris; 8. Electron optics with graphene p-n junctions James R. Williams; 9. Graphene electronics Chen Wang, Xidong Duan and Xiangfeng Duan; 10. Graphene: optoelectronic devices Thomas Mueller and Phaedon Avouris; 11. Graphene spintronics Aron W. Cummings, Sergio O. Valenzuela, Frank Ortmann and Stephan Roche; 12. Graphene-BN heterostructures Lei Wang, James Hone and Cory. R. Dean; 13. Controlled growth of graphene crystals by chemical vapor deposition: from solid metals to liquid metals Dechao Geng and Kian Ping Loh; 14. Electronic properties and strain engineering in semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides Rafael Roldan and Francisco Guinea; 15. Valley-spin physics in 2D semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides Hongyi Yu and Wang Yao; 16. Electrical transport in MoS2, a prototypical semiconducting TMDC Andras Kis; 17. Optical properties of TMD heterostructures Pasqual Rivera, Wang Yao and Xiaodong Xu; 18. TMDs - optoelectronic devices Thomas Mueller; 19. Large area synthesis Yumeng Shi and Lain-Jong Li; 20. Defects in two-dimensional materials Xiaolong Zou and Boris I. Yakobson; 21. Theoretical overview of black phosphorus Tony Low, Andrey Chaves, Wei Ji, Jesse Maassen and Traian Dumitrica; 22. Anisotropic properties of black phosphorus Yuchen Du, Zhe Luo, Han Liu, Xianfan Xu and Peide D. Ye; 23. Optical properties and optoelectronic applications of black phosphorus Andres Castellanos-Gomez and Mo Li; 24. Silicene, germanene and stanene Guy Le Lay, Eric Salomon and Thierry Angot; 25. Predictions of single-layer honeycomb structures from first-principles S. Ciraci and S. Cahangirov.
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